Tuesday, July 19, 2011

September 2010 - First Aid, part 2

Wow! We were blessed with an awesome surprise last night at our meeting. Mr. Mike Barba (a former EMT and awesome teacher) came to teach the kids about First Aid, and he brought along some paramedics and a real ambulance! The guys were actually on duty at the time, but thankfully didn't get interrupted with a call during their Show & Tell time! They talked about different aspects of their job and gave a tour of the ambulance. Some of the children were excited and others nervous about climbing inside of the ambulance! 


Afterward, Mr. Mike gave a great, lively presentation on many aspects of First Aid, using the children as "victims" of things like unconsciousness, head injury, nose bleed, and other injuries. Everyone got a First Aid Coloring Book, Emergency Contact sheet and card to put by their home phone, and hopefully a memorable lesson in what to do in an emergency. The short answer? GET HELP!!!

UPDATE: Keepers of the Faith had a Club Sharing contest, in which we submitted what we did for different badges this year.  We didn't win a prize, but our info and pictures did get put on the KOF website!  www.keepersofthefaith.com/category/FirstAidSharing (3rd one down)

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