Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fun With Science badge

In February, we worked on the Fun With Science badge.  The Ouelette family hosted the meeting.  Mrs. O explained what science is and the scientific method.  We explored light in different way.  Mrs. O brought an electronic microscope and the kids had fun looking at all sorts of objects such as clothing, hair, skin, sugar, wood, water and more.  Jacob O brought a glider he designed and created and showed how it worked.  He also led the other children in paper airplane-making.

Glider demonstration
Libby O and Sarah D each demonstrated an experiment on the topic of Bending Light.   Libby showed a variety of glass prisms and made a rainbow.  (Sorry, no photos!)  The final topic was Phases of the Moon, which the children displayed with Oreo cookies.

Crescent Moon

New Moon

Another crescent moon

Service Project

In November, our club volunteered to do yard work for an elderly couple who was facing some health challenges.  Adults and children worked together to rake leaves, clean out flower beds and do general yard cleanup.  We learned some new skills and also had some fun!

Dad & son working together

Siblings cooperating!

Teaching the younger ones

Working on flower beds

Many, many leaves were raked!

Fire Safety

In October, we worked on the Home Fire Safety badge.  We covered: what to do if you catch on fire (Stop, Drop & Roll), why you should never play with matches, lighters or other fire sources, having a fire escape plan at home and finding 2 exits out of every room, candle safety, and types of fire extinguishers and their uses.  We played a game where we put a piece of felt "fire" on the child, then they had to stop, drop and roll to get the "fire" off.  The children had a lot of fun with it!

We learned in a fire department video, that when you stop, drop and roll, you should also cover your face!