Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fun With Science badge

In February, we worked on the Fun With Science badge.  The Ouelette family hosted the meeting.  Mrs. O explained what science is and the scientific method.  We explored light in different way.  Mrs. O brought an electronic microscope and the kids had fun looking at all sorts of objects such as clothing, hair, skin, sugar, wood, water and more.  Jacob O brought a glider he designed and created and showed how it worked.  He also led the other children in paper airplane-making.

Glider demonstration
Libby O and Sarah D each demonstrated an experiment on the topic of Bending Light.   Libby showed a variety of glass prisms and made a rainbow.  (Sorry, no photos!)  The final topic was Phases of the Moon, which the children displayed with Oreo cookies.

Crescent Moon

New Moon

Another crescent moon

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