Saturday, January 28, 2012

January - Albums

For the month of January we fulfilled the requirements for the Albums badge by making photo albums.  The albums themselves were 6"x6" with plastic sleeves and they were purchased inexpensively at Christmas Tree Shoppes.  We used 12"x12" patterned paper cut down to 6"x6" for background pages, then applied photos and stickers to embellish the pages.  I encouraged the children to decide on a theme for their album.  One did a vacation album of their beach pictures, one did their Christmas vacation to see their grandparents, another did an album to put pictures of their LEGO creations.  Another idea was to put in pictures from each month of 2011.  Some just chose to put in whatever pictures they had.  Everyone had a great time with this project, boys included (though they didn't work on theirs nearly as long as the girls did!) 

Next month: Sign Language!

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