Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Aid, part 2

We had some very special guests to help us learn about First Aid!  Big thanks to Dellie and Kirk from White Rose Ambulance for coming out and doing a show and tell with the kids!

They had lots of questions about what the various things inside the ambulance are for.

Everyone had a chance to test out the stretcher and have their heartbeat checked with the stethoscope.

They even got to sit in the driver's seat, turn on the sirens and talk into the loudspeaker!


 Afterward we had a wonderful question and answer time where we got to ask the EMT's all kinds of questions about their jobs.  They were so friendly and helpful! 
Some interesting facts we learned:
* They work 13 hour shifts every other day
* They receive over 100 calls per shift
* They do many things besides 911 calls,
including transporting patients to appointments
and recovering bodies
* Some days they do not have time to eat,
get a drink or go to the bathroom!

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